High-quality sustainable coffee grown in Uganda.

MARA Agribusiness creates sustainable rural youth employment by empowering Ugandan youth to be engaged in the creation of a high-quality sustainable coffee. 

"Our mission is to create 2500 direct decent jobs for rural youth in Uganda by 2025".

In 2017, the team discovered that majority of Uganda’s coffee farmers are aging out, with an average age of 62 years. On the other hand, Uganda has the second youngest population in the world, with 55% of the population below 18 years and 70% below 30 years. On the contrary, there’s high rural-urban migration in search for quick-money making jobs, yet agriculture employs about 80% of the population, with coffee as the leading export earner.

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Boby Ogwang


MARA Agribusiness (MARA) is a social enterprise that works with youth farmers to improve their livelihoods by providing quality agro-inputs through the MARA Agro-stores, training, consulting & establishment of coffee farms through Coffee advisory & availing markets for youth coffee through Aramah coffee.

Our mission is to create 2500 direct decent jobs for rural youth in Uganda by 2025.


We believe in a sustainable youth-driven agribusiness sector through entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration.

Mara team

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Disha Madani

MSc Management & Entrepreneurship

IE Business School, Spain

2022 Spring - Jeanne Biya - MARA Agribusiness

Jeanne Biya

Msc Business Administration

HEC Paris, France

Disha Madani


“Working with Boby Ogwang from Uganda has been a fascinating journey with a steep learning curve and I have been able to sharpen my negotiating, problem solving and analytical skills.”

Insights into the H-Accelerator

Through the H-Accelerator, Boby sets out to improve his international visibility, branding and sustainability measurement. Interview, Boby told us that he was really happy that the team committed to a very collaborative effort and achieved most of the KPIs set before the start of the program. The students have been able to learn from the business of Boby but Boby as well benefited from their business experiences and external eyes. Within the program, the team has been able to setup all the necessary steps (branding, extension strategy) that will allow Boby to start selling internationally. 

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Starting from there, Boby plans to extend its market and to start to sell internationally, especially in the US. The goal is to become a digital online distribution business to help coffee farmers in Uganda to sell sustainably. Mara Agribusiness has already impacted the life of more than 5000 farmers in Uganda and has helped employ more that 750 rural and urban youths in Uganda. And that’s only the beginning.


Next years will be extremely exciting. We advise you to follow Boby’s progress on his website, Twitter, Instagram or his Facebook page