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We look for people that are driven to help us bridge the gap between developed and emerging economies. We engage with candidates across the globe who are passionate and optimistic about collaborating in a multi-cultural environment.

students helping impact entrepreneurs from developing countries impact community
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We only recruit people that are eager to learn and that lead outstanding personal projects daily.
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We connect the most impactful founders with top-university students from all around the world.
students helping social entrepreneurs from africa


Talent is equally distributed around the world but opportunities are not. We help change that.

Job openings

Project Supervisor

Upcoming posting. Contact Lorena Alfaro Smith directly.

Timeline: H-Accelerator Spring program 2023

Hours: 5 – 6 hours/week (remote)

Social Media Manager

Open position. Contact Lorena Alfaro Smith directly.

Timeline: ASAP

Hours: 5 – 6 hours/week (remote)