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Vishwa, Spring 2022 H-Accelerator, Plasticity team.

Ready to have an impact from your bedroom ?

The H-Accelerator: helping social entrepreneurs to scale

Genuine Human Connections


The H-Accelerator is an online program that connects students with impact entrepreneurs in emerging economies. As a team, you propel the impact startup to the next level.



We help do.

Examples of past ventures

Farmers-harvesting land africa sustainable farming

Nanloy Organic Farm

Nanloy Organic Farm is combining innovation with indigenous African knowledge to produce high value fresh organic produce.
Creation-Care-Concept-social entrepreneurs africa

Creation Care Concept

Creation Care Concept uses plastic waste to raise awareness on issues relating to health, wellness and development.

WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics

WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics is an organic skin care company with a mission to encourage people to embrace their skin, heritage and self.

Gain a unique exposure to emerging markets, remotely.

Accepted students will grow their green skills, impact real-time problems, develop business transferable skills and gain a unique exposure to emerging markets.


Spring H-Accelerator is starting January 16th, 2023.



students helping entrepreneurs from developing countries
Mikhail, 2020 H-Accelerator, RentinGhana team.

“Working with Boby Ogwang from Uganda has been a fascinating journey with a steep learning curve and I have been able to sharpen my negotiating, problem solving and analytical skills.”

Disha Madani
Masters, IE Business School'21

Mara Agribusiness is a Ugandan social enterprise that trains and employs youth farmers on sustainable coffee production and intends to create 2,500 jobs for the rural youth by 2025. 

Spring 2022 H-Accelerator

disha madani entrepreneur student IES business school spain

The Upcoming H-Accelerator

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Latin America, Africa & South East Asia

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Global Collaboration

General Information

The H-Accelerator welcomes entrepreneurs from Latin America, Africa and South East Asia with ventures across all sectors. 

Past companies have ranged from artisanship, med-tech, cosmetics, agriculture processing, the music industry, consulting services to food processing.

We follow a highly selective application process on a rolling application basis. Teams consist of one entrepreneur paired up with two to three university students — and three different nationalities.

Program starts: January 16, 2023

Program ends: April 30, 2023

Your engagement lasts for the entirety of the H-Accelerator’s duration (end of January till mid-May). Typically, the time commitment ranges from five to six hours on a weekly basis. During the summer session, time commitment is ten to twelve hours a week.
The H-Accelerator is a 100% virtual program. Emails and video calls serve as the primary mode of communication.
students helping entrepreneurs from developing countries
Recommended for incoming Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in undergraduate degrees. Master students are also welcome.

Students must speak fluently English, French or Spanish.

The H-Accelerator will be conducted primarily in English.

Application Process

Applications are open to university students for one of three positions:

  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • Business Development/Consulting
  • Tech Role (front end & back end)

Following an initial screening process, selected students will pass onto behavioral interviews. They will meet two members of our management team. 

Accepted applicants are matched with entrepreneurs based on corresponding demands and skills.




“Diversity was an essential component of what made our team so successful. We were three students, one from France, one from Spain and myself from the US working together with Nicole Mensa, a passionate Ghanian founder.”

Katerina Zhuravel
Senior, Cornell University'20

Katerina was part of the taskforce helping Wo No Ni Cosmetics, which prides itself in providing high quality, organic, handmade and affordable skin care products that are produced in Ghana.

COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program

How do we select students ?

 Based on your past experiences, we evaluate if you would be a good fit in the program. Our team will conduct a remote interview to gage your analytical skills, responses to hypotheticals and evaluate your knowledge of the market you would be working in.

HOW do we select ventures ?

Selected ventures are in line with our social impact policy based on the UNDP’s ESG factors with emphasis given to official documentation, referrals, interviews, and performance data. We select the most impactful startups accross the globe. 

how does our matching work ?

Based off your written application and in-person interview, we evaluate your personality and passion, and find you a collaborator half-way across the world whose venture aligns with your skill set and the position you applied to.

Is it a paid position ?

The program is an online remote collaboration opportunity that is unpaid. Accepted students will impact real-time problems, develop transferable skills, and gain unique exposure to emerging economies.


Dates for the upcoming information sessions will be shared on our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn to meet the team, alumnis and former entrepreneurs.