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About us

We Are The Human Connector

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Humans to Humans connects students from the best institutions worldwide to leaders in emerging markets, solely focused on ESG-driven ventures.

We have a true impact by bridging the gap between emerging and developed markets.

We help do.

Past accelerated startups

“Your program is really making an enormous transformative impact in the lives of entrepreneurs in developing nations. I am indebted for bringing two wonderful students into Pisces.” 

Hendrix Sarpong

Founder of Pisces

Pisces is a pioneering aquaculture company that lowers greenhouse gas emissions by creating sustainable fish production in Africa.

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What we can help you do

We are eager to work together. Let's multiply your ESG impact.

Make a substantial impact

Join our commitment to drive inclusive economic growth and accelerate the climate transition by investing in humans. Tackle diversity and inclusion by empowering women CEOs in Ecuador, mitigating climate change in Kenya, and deploying med-tech initiatives in Nepal.

Recruit from world changers

Tap into our talented pool of students selected from the top 100 universities worldwide. Our students go beyond academic excellence. They are strategic thinkers, sociable networkers and curious learners that want to have a positive impact on the world.

Boost your brand globally

Utilize our hyper-connected global network to bolster your reach virtually. Increase your influence in untapped markets by accessing emerging economies. Cultivate clients on the brink of becoming the next wave of innovators and share your expertise to help founders.

The H-Accelerator

Genuine Human Connections

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The H-Accelerator is a remote program that connects top tier students with impact entrepreneurs in emerging economies. As a team, they propel the venture to the next level.

We help do.

We work with students from the top universities worldwide

Join our young worldwide ESG community

We bridge the gap between western economies and emerging markets by helping ESG-driven ventures. We are an actor of change. 


In less than 2 years and a half, we accelerated 46 companies across Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa and built an international network of over 104+ students from world-class universities.


We are looking for student groups, accelerators and universities to collaborate with.

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Our global ecosystem

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Partner with us

We help with your ESG strategy and multiply your impact.

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Purpose-driven donation.

  • Strengthen your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) initiatives accessing our talent pool of top students.
  • Tap into: Academic excellence from world class universities
  • Most diverse pool of applications Students’ green skills and know-how in helping transition businesses into a green economy.


Purpose-driven donation.

Initiator advantages + 

  • Bring purposeful opportunities to your employees through a CSR program. Employees can volunteer as:
  • Mentors to founders and students during the H-Accelerator
  • Guest speakers to H-Accelerator’s cohort where you share knowledge/insights on a particular thematic


Purpose-driven donation.

Connector advantages + 

  • Find your student best fits. We find personalized and curated student profiles to your priorities/requests.
  • CSR program: Mentors & Guest speakers Be a judge and sit on our Impact Summit
  • Join committees of experts in sector or geographies that share industry knowledge and market insights.

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