how does our matching work ?

Based off your written application and in-person interview, we are genuinely trying to get to know you. We love to see your personality and passion, which ensures that we find you a collaborator half-way across the world whose venture aligns with your skill set and the position you applied to.

HOW do we select ventures ?

Your venture needs to be in line with our social impact policy based on the UNDP’s ESG factors with emphasis given to official documentation, referrals, interviews, and performance data. If you’re selected for the second step application process, you will be contacted for a Zoom interview.

How do we select students ?

 Based on your past experiences, we evaluate if you would be a good fit in the program. Our team will conduct a remote interview to gage your analytical skills, responses to hypotheticals and evaluate your knowledge of the market you would be working in.

I worry about intellectual property.

During the application process, students sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement stating that any work done during the program belongs to the entrepreneur as proprietary knowledge. As an entrepreneur, you have ownership of all the work done during the program.

Is it a paid position ?

The program is an online remote collaboration opportunity that is unpaid. Accepted students will impact real-time problems, develop transferable skills, and gain unique exposure to emerging economies.

Point of contact during the program.

Each person in the program has an appointed Project Supervisor. He/She will do weekly check-ins with your team to ensure that you are on track with the goals set at the start of the program.


Dates for the upcoming information sessions will be shared on our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn to meet the team, alumnis and former entrepreneurs.

If you still have questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us.